Journey of Faith Christian Church

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Mission Update


We are so pleased to share this wonderful update from one of our partner's, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church. They have been distributing the Homeless Care Kits to attendees of St. Andrew’s Breakfast program that Journey of Faith has provided.  The Breakfast at St. Andrew’s serves between 90 and 150 meals daily

"The Homeless Care Kits that were set out at the end of August were very popular.  This time, apparently, people did not sort through the bags to see what they could use, leaving unwanted items on the table for other guests, as they did before.  It seems that the guests paid attention to the pink ribbons and found that everything in the bags they chose were items they needed.  Congratulations to Journey of Faith. We send our best wishes and thanks to you and your congregation."

Working in partnership with St. Andrew’s has provided an inspiring opportunity to see the people who need the most help, get it. If you'd like to donate to put together more kits, you can do so by clicking here. 

A Sneak Peek


This section is about taking a "sneak peak" into potentially new ministries or innovations in services that would enable us to experiment with four key things:

  • How can the church find alternative means of sustainability with rising generations?
  • How can the church engage the community in ways that would meet needs and build connections that would not otherwise be met by a congregation?
  • How can the church do specific ministry with a inter-generational group of faith believers? 
  • How do we foster an atmosphere where new ideas are celebrated and the gospel is honored.

We often miss the fact that one of the most defining elements of the early church movements was innovation — those movements were reflections of the creative nature of God.  

And, maybe this experiment just might be our witness of God's call for the church to reclaim that essential part of its identity and practice.  

When you read the scripture that “God created us all to do good work” (Ephesians 2:10)  — maybe, God is just waiting for us to find our part to play and then act boldly.  So, let's pray. listen for God's voice, and share our ideas or suggestions.